Winter Wonderland

I've said it before and I'll say it again - this is the FIRST year that I have totally and completely fallen in love with the SNOW! It might sound funny, seeing as I'm a born and raised Canadian, but it's true. I admit, I'm still not a fan of super-cold temps, but something in my brain clicked this year (I think it may have had to do something to do with a overnight trip to the stunning Emerald Lake Lodge ;) and now I am totally smitten with the pretty, winter wonderland aesthetic of the big, white, phenomenon known as SNOW!

Chad and I were so lucky to connect with Genevieve Renee in one of our favourite places on Earth: the Canadian Rocky Mountains! Seeing as we happened to be in the Banff-area at the same time, it only made sense to have a photoshoot, right?! We love working with Gen (who has been making us look good for a few years now!), and it was fun for all of us to explore a portion of our "backyard" that none of us had ever been to before. What you don't see is the very slushy condition of the riverbed we were walking on for a lot of this shoot... Let's just say that we're all glad that we had waterproof boots on (since each of us fell through a thin layer of ice a few times, haha)! What you do see is a good time had by all, the beauty of the mountains, and of course, the SNOW!

This photoshoot left Chad and I feeling grateful for Genevieve (who is a serious adventurer as well as mad-talented!), our experiencees together, and the incredible beauty of the place we're so lucky to call home. Hope you guys enjoy the gallery!

All photos by Genevieve Renee. Lindsay's hat: H&M, Lindsay's sweater: Banana Republic, Lindsay's vest: Aritzia, Lindsay's pants: Old Navy, Lindsay's boots: Sorel, Chad's flannel: Purr, Chad's cardigan & gloves: NAQP, Chad's boots: Red Wing