Milestone Birthday

Well, it's official - as of February (sorry, this post is a little belated), I've entered a new decade of life! However, as Oscar Wilde said,

"One should never trust a woman who tells one her real age. A woman who would tell one that would tell one anything"

...So although I won't disclose exactly which birthday I recently celebrated, I can tell you that I didn't turn 20 and I didn't turn 40 - I'll leave you with that to draw your own conclusions!

Unlike my friend Alexa, whose birthday falls 2 weeks after mine and wrote a brilliant piece titled On Turning 30 and Wishing I was 90 (oops, did that just give away my age? ;), I experienced The 4 Stages of Turning 30: shock, anger, denial, and finally - acceptance. Sound similar to the stages of grief? I have a feeling that's not a coincidence...

I am happy to report that prior to the Big Day, I did come around to the "acceptance" stage. And upon finding peace, I figured that I might as well celebrate this milestone the best way I know how: a creative collaboration with a few of my favourite local talents! Thank you to Pretty Sweet for the absolute PERFECT cake (delicious and beautiful), Maple & Leigh for the comfy and cute Burlington Lace Top, Bridgette Bar for hosting our little shoot (and my evening birthday party, not pictured but trust me - the food and environment were SO good!), and of course, the amazing Genevieve Renee for these photos! These goodies certainly helped an old girl like me feel special ;)

All photos by Genevieve Renee, Lindsay's top: Maple & Leigh