Palm Springs Glam (Midcentury Modern Bathroom Renovations)

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This is a post that I have been very excited to share with you for a very long time: the #clientpalmspringsglam bathroom renos!! This project was SOOO much fun for me to work on. Although I personally love midcentury modern design, it’s not a style I have done professionally for some time now.

Something great about these particular clients is that they weren’t afraid to take design risks. You can see from the “before” photos of their powder room below that although they were ready for a change, bold colour is not something that scares them; in fact, they embrace it! Our goal for the powder room was to update and upgrade it, but maintain a real statement upon entry. The basement bathroom (also pictured in the “before” pictures below) also needed an upgrade. However, unlike the powder room this space had not touched at all since its original construction of builder-grade finishes and fixtures. It was time to add some personality to this bathroom!

Images at the left show the powder room "before" any work began. Images to the right show the basement bathroom prior to construction-start

Images at the left show the powder room "before" any work began. Images to the right show the basement bathroom prior to construction-start

As I began to work with these clients, I was thrilled to learn of their interest in Palm Springs and mid-century design! Glamorous, classic Palm Springs (where the family has vacationed) became a huge inspiration for the powder room. In order to add a level of sophistication to the design, we started with a monochromatic base of timeless black and white with the geometric, “breeze-block-esque” wallpaper. The quartz countertops are white, but in person you can see a sparkly silver fleck to them, which definitely ups the glam factor and ties into the vintage, chrome sputnik wall light! Palm Springs is also known for its punchy bright architectural palette, so we had a lot of fun designing the custom turquoise vanity. I not only LOVE the retro colour, but also the recessed circle detail, which contrasts the very angular, square pattern of the wallpaper and doubles as the door pulls! We went with a sleek glossy black tile on the vanity wall, a new undermount sink, and modern chrome faucet to keep with the glam vibe but not distract from the other more prominent elements in the space.

The idea in the basement bathroom was to take the design concept from the powder room but pull it back just a touch. We wanted the bathroom to feel connected to the powder room but the need for a statement was not so strong. Instead of adding the wallpaper, we simply kept the non-tiled walls to painted drywall, and instead of the sputnik wall sconce light, we opted for a cleaner, contemporary linear light to run above the mirror. The proportions of the vanity were a little different than upstairs, so instead of 2 cabinet doors, this longer cabinet consists of 4 equal-sized drawers; we kept the recessed circle detail and – of course! – the colour!!

Take a look at the final product below and let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as I enjoyed working on this one 😊 Also, a HUGE shout-out to MJay Photography for these beautiful images - Michelle did absolute wonders with challenging, tight angles and less-than-ideal photographic light to work with. She's a WHIZ!!!

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