Newlywed Condo

I often joke that as an interior designer, I can feel like a marriage counselor! Not seriously, obviously, but it is true that when a couple decides to undergo a home renovation or home decor, there are many decisions to be made and typically some different opinions and stylistic preferences. I was responsible for decor services at the Newlywed Condo and this project was no exception!

Luckily for these two, they tended to agree on 80% of the design decisions in their new space. Both the Mr and Mrs like mid-century modern, industrial and vintage/antique looks. Their biggest struggle was the remaining 20% where he preferred rustic, farmhouse styles, and she would opt for classic, feminine pieces.

The final result is a happy middle-ground that can only be described as mid-century-meets-industrial-meets-personal-touch; aka "eclectic". White walls created a perfect canvas for many different styles and colours, and luckily, the existing hardwood floor was neutral enough to act as a good base. Not only is the couple comfortable in their space, but each partner feels represented in a way that involved compromise but still felt like "them", both as a couple and as individuals.

Thank you to Justine Milton Photography for the beautiful photos!