Shag Addition


Happy February, friends! We survived January, so the rest of the year is a cake-walk, right?! I kid, I kid… We actually had a moderately mild + pleasant January in our (Northern) part of the world. OF COURSE what was probably the grossest day of the month turned out to be the date of the Shag Addition photoshoot, lol. Go figure, eh? Oh well, the beauty of being an interior designer is that my work is, well, INDOORS! I think I chose the right profession ;)

After a few trips to and from my very loaded-up hatchback into the house, we were ready to roll! I was delighted to be asked by Miter Renovations to style this recently-completed project and get her “photo ready”. Miter not only renovated the existing space, but they added on some new square footage (hence the name, Shag ADDITION). As always, Brendan and his team did a great job! I love how they updated the home with revised planning, new millwork + fresh finishes while still working with some of the character of the home, such as the existing ceiling mouldings and hardwood floors. Great job, to Brendan and all the trades! It made my job styling all the more enjoyable :)

When it came to accessorizing, I kept true to my usual motto of “less is more”. Since the lower kitchen cabinets were blue, I didn’t to add a lot of colour to space; generally all the styling props I used were in the neutral realm of either white or natural wood grain. The two exceptions were the fresh greens (I loved LOVED the potted tropical plant from - ahem - Plant here in Calgary, and the satsumas. I simply cannot get enough citrus in January and not only were the satsuma oranges seasonal, but their vibrant colour is perfectly complimentary to blue. SCORE!

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the gallery! The photos are by (another) Lindsay of Lindsay Nichols Photography. Having two Lindsays on-site shooting was a little confusing, but seeing as I grew up with approximately four Lindsays in each of my classes, I was pretty used to it, lol. It was my first time shooting with “other Lindsay” and it great to meet her and collaborate, PLUS I think the beautiful images speak for themselves: she did an amazing job capturing the space!!

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