Seattle Getaway

For those of you following my on Instagram, you may have noticed an influx of floral and interior photos (even moreso than usual, if that's possible!!) in early May. And although it may have appeared that Chad and I were gallivanting around in the Seattle sun, smelling flowers, sipping coffees and beers nonstop for 5 days, we were actually there on a "working vacation". Chad was in a week-long Urban Planning conference, and whenever I wasn't 'gramming, I was on my laptop in our tiny AirBnB, working towards 2 deadlines. Now don't get me wrong - we certainly had plenty of time to take in the sights (and smells and liquids) that Seattle has to offer; we're just very fortunate that we got to combine a little business + pleasure ;)

Some of our highlights were:

  • Coffee - Slate Coffee Roasters, also Little Oddfellows, which was super-close to where we were staying and located inside a giant bookstore that was also AMAZING! We didn't make it to Elm Coffee Roasters but I am so sad that we didn't! That will be on our list for next time :)
  • Beer - We were OBSESSED with Holy Mountain Brewing!!! I am (almost) embarrassed to say that in 5 days we went 3 times! The beer was sooo good (I've literally never seen Chad geek-out over a beer like he did here, haha), plus I loved the understated, minimalist-done-right interior. It also didn't hurt that there was an excellent Chicago deep-dish pizza joint, Windy City Pie next door... The Classic pie was just to die for!
  • Restaurant Interiors - OK, granted, we were only able to scratch the surface on this one and we mostly stuck to places near where we were staying in Capitol Hill, but 3 of my favourites were right in a row on East Union Street. Frankie and Jo's (not pictured), is a plant-based, midcentury-styled  ice cream shop, and although I'm not a vegan, but this BLEW MY MIND! General Porpoise Doughnuts was next door, and we started a few of our days with coffee and delicious doughnuts. The energy was great in here (I think people eating doughnuts are generally in a good mood) and I loved the simple aesthetic + palette of white and marble with pops of brass, deep pink and powder blue... Obviously, I was a huge fan! Bar Melusine was my no. 1 restaurant pick going into the trip and let me tell you, it DID NOT disappoint - I literally felt like I was living in my own dream Pinterest board, ha!. Light, bright, and marble interior but what really makes this place is the floor tile. Scroll down to the final photos in this post and you'll see what I mean - ALL THE HEART EYES!! Lastly, The London Plane is a part-cafe, part-grocery store, and part-floral shop (yes, you heard that right - wine, coffee, AND flowers!) located in Pioneer Square. Given the offerings, and the fact that the classic interior was GORGEOUS, it's no surprise that I was in love with this place.
  • Neighborhoods - If you're a creep like me who likes to wander residential streets and dream about all the #housegoals, you have to check out Upper Queen Anne. Each house and garden is more lovely than the last... I could have wandered around all day! I'm sure there are plenty of other beautiful communities in Seattle, but in our short stint we only made it to Queen Anne, Montlake, and the residential streets of Capitol Hill.